Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Welcome Back

Well, I haven't written for some years, but it seems things were still for most of that time anyway.  Politics has started to move again.  Hurray! I am not sure what happened, but I did notice about two months ago that we started having movement in congress again, and at least some substantive conversations.  Nothing too exciting, just some bits of normal conversation coming out on the Sunday shows. 

This is good news.  It doesn't mean that we have gotten past our biggest problems though...mis/uninformed citizens, citizen apathy and money in politics.  

I think things have come to a head though.  We can't get any more left than Occupy Wall Street's vision of abolishing capitalism and (magically) instilling a utopian Socialist land and we can't get any more right than the blatant racism, theocratic and murderous conservatism that has abrasively surfaced. 

A foundation for something new is on the verge, but it won't be Socialism and we can't let it be Tyranny.  

But, before I predict next steps, let me thank the Republicans for two things:

1.  Co-opting the Tea Party (this is controversial, but I was there when it happened, the Tea Party existed as part of Ron Paul's campaign in 2007).

Why do I thank thee?

a.  motivating, funding, setting fire to, now active citizens and in turn motivating even more citizens  in protest to 'your' well funded (however misinformed), co-opted 'grassroots' movement.

2.  Starting to come out and battle the misinformation and insanity of the Tea Party as any good conservative should. 

What I see in the future (oh I am so excited!)(no really I am!)

Awesome debates on and about the US Constitution, #whatfreedommeans and the role of the citizen. 

Heavens yes!  Hell yeah! 

...and that will be the topic of tomorrows post. 

Make a great day!