Sunday, December 28, 2014

Racism, Part 5: ...more solutions

Racism is everywhere, it is historical, structural, implicit, explicit, assumed and projected.

White people and black people have their roles to play to solve our black/white problem. I am focusing on black vs. white because I think the relationship is unique and a great starting place to  shift our consciousness about racism in general.

The white/black relationship is historical and ugly. I see the relationship as abusive and co-dependent, resulting in identity crisis for individuals as well as our nation as a whole.

Now is the time to free ourselves from this snare of our history, change our actions and move forward toward an even more perfect union.




We need to stand on the cliff of remembering and reflection and muster up the courage to jump. I promise, we will land and be able to see more clearly for it. 


Recognize the brutal ways that black Americans have been treated; from slavery to lynchings, hostile antagonizations, openly derogatory remarks, hazing of our friends and family members to join in the hate and hate crimes of prejudice, institutional lockout and erasure of black American history from our school books and national life.

...through: education- making a national effort through school and media to explore the true contributions and trials of black Americans to the USA, and insuring that ALL schools receive equal funding for their children; also reparations, just as other members of our citizenry have been granted. My idea for reparations is land grants, funding for community building and community organization training, capital programs for business start-ups for those with solid business plans, and education grants.Reparations would go to those who can prove that their heritage is a certain percentage of slave descent.

National Celebrations of Diversity 


Our nation is build on the ideals of equality, justice and liberty for ALL humans. It started with men and others have fought for their rights along our short 200 year journey to what we have in the USA today...not perfect, but certainly more perfect than where we started not too long ago. We can still be a light for the world, if we live up to the challenge.

What holidays are truly meaningful to US citizens, and grounded in truth? The only one I can think of is Independence Day. Though, if we do not have a common idea of what it means to be a US citizen, how can we even properly celebrate Independence day?

 (edit in MLK Day. Obama asked US citizens to make this day a day of service. It is a great American holiday, one on which we can reflect on our journey as Americans, and celebrate the value of diversity, in MLK's name)

Our country is young, and it is time to actively build on the vision of our founding fathers to create a country where people are free to choose their paths. A country where the people treat each other with respect, dignity and civility as we travel our separate paths together under a flag of freedom


When our country started, not too long ago, the path to freedom for women and non whites was blocked. The USA still has ghosts in the closet, but it is time to let go of those ghosts. It is time for the us to reflect on who we are, our assets and what we want to build together. 


Diversity certainly is, and has been, our greatest asset, along with tolerance, and triumph of people of good character fighting and winning steps toward justice for all. So where are our national holidays enshrining these truths, values, and accomplishments? We need national recognition and celebration of our true history that takes us along the path worn by people of good character toward freedom for all. 


If you could create a USA holiday, what would it be? Mine would be National Cake Day. A day where every community has a contest to see who can create a delicious cake that represents the most elements of our nation's diverse cultures. Of course, the day would be full of food stands and music that also celebrate the diversity of our nation. Local winners would move to regional, state and national competitions. Yum.


More solutions can be found in earlier posts in this series, but the most important step we can take as a nation, is to not fear looking ourselves in the mirror, and going through the old trunks that will reveal our true past. 


It feels scary, like jumping off a cliff, but there is no cliff, just a fog of ghosts and blinding humility. Once we make the courageous choice to take a good look at ourselves, we will better understand who we are and where we are going. 


Make a great day!